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In Memoriam: Nikolay Daniel Nikolaeff-Hamazaspian

In 2013, two close friends of Alexander Schmorell died. Schmorell, who was honored as “martyr” by the Russian Orthodox Church, was a central figure of the resistance movement popularly known as the White Rose. Both of these friends supported Schmorell during his resistance operations and final flight from the Gestapo.

On May 13, 2013, Lilo Fürst-Ramdohr died unexpectedly in Starnberg. In February 1943, she had provided help and advice for Alexander; she had arranged contacts for him, and had always granted him shelter in her home. Together with her neighbor Emilie Roters (a bookbinder), Lilo had forged a passport for Alexander by inserting a new photograph in a friend’s passport and recreating the official seal.

Nikolay in Orenburg, Russia, September 2007. Photo copyright Center for White Rose Studies.

Nikolay in Orenburg, Russia, September 2007. Photo copyright Center for White Rose Studies.

The benefactor of the passport Lilo used for Alexander’s forged passport was another of Alexander’s close friends, a Bulgarian named Nikolay Daniel Nikolaeff-Hamazaspian. On October 1, 2013, Nikolay died in Munich following a long illness.

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Book Review: All God’s Children

Anna Schmidt. All God’s Children. Uhrichsville, OH: Barbour Publishing, 2013. Continue reading

Old Hate Re-Packaged

It’s the sort of thing that makes you physically ill. “Have you heard about the group in Germany that calls themselves Neue  Weisse Rose [New White Rose]? They use White Rose as their banner for anti-Islam, anti-immigrant, far right-wing politics.”

Claiming to be disciples of Susanne Hirzel, whom they identify as somehow central to White Rose efforts, they manipulate the words of those powerful leaflets into a polemic against “foreigners” living and working in Germany. Their words sound suspiciously familiar – the language of Nazis from the failed Third Reich, seeking to marginalize Jewish citizens and Roma, Sinti, Jehovah’s Witness, homosexuals, and other so-called subhumans. And it’s disguised as Zivilcourage, the courage of one’s convictions. Continue reading

Caught in an Ancient Rite of Sex and War: The Sexual Abuse of Women during World War II

By Magdalena Kubow, PhD, ABD
Western University

It is hard to believe that rape and sexual violence have only been recognized as a crime against humanity since 1998. When it comes to war, history tends to focus on tales from the battlefield, both heroic and grim. What is less known is the impact of war on women and children.

We have tales of heroic feminine efficiency on the home front, including rationing, growing freedom gardens, upholding morale, and working in the factories – Bomb Girls comes to mind. Stories of women on the front lines are usually confined to the realm of Nightingale-esque nurses. Rarely do we hear of civilian women as targets in war, a means of ethnic cleansing. Continue reading