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Life History Interview: Ruth Schwager nee Teutsch

Her name: Ruth Schwager nee Teutsch. Her family: Well-known citizens of Augsburg. Husband – Josef Schwager, of the Schwagers of Cham, a family known for its phenomenal shoe business. Father – Arthur Teutsch of Nürnberg, Justizrat in the Fugger city thirty miles west of Munich. Mother – Klara Teutsch nee Holzinger, good German housewife with a strong artistic streak. Brothers – Walter and Erich, smart boys who excelled in school. Continue reading


Last Survivor of Chełmo

Walking with his father on the streets of the Łódź Ghetto in Poland during the summer of 1943, thirteen-year-old Shimon Srebrnik suddenly heard gun shots ring out.

“Papa, please … talk to me. Are you hurt?” Shimon shouted, but to no avail. His father’s lifeless body slumped to the ground, murdered by Nazi soldiers. Continue reading

The German Jew Who Bombed Berlin

by Marc H. Stevens
A true tale of escape, evasion and revenge

My father died in 1979, when I was 22 years old. We lived in Toronto, Canada, where I still live today.

As far as I knew, Dad had been born in Hanover, Germany to Christian parents – though that information was a highly-classified secret, and I was warned at an early age to tell no one. Since my mother was a French-Canadian Catholic, my older brother and I were raised in that faith. Dad spoke with a highly-cultured British accent, and passed himself off as an Englishman. The fact that he had served as an RAF bomber pilot only helped to reinforce that cover story. What I didn’t know, and only discovered in 1996, was that my father was Jewish. Continue reading